Professional and Businessmen’s Association

Developing Business Relationships, Contacts, and Friendships

The P&BA is…

  • A Business networking organization holding approximately 5 events each year for our members to promote their business and exchange ideas.
  • A social networking organization–a place where active and retired members can engage in conversation and camaraderie.
  • A business-to-business (B2B)–a forum to exchange goods and services between businesses.
  • A business-to-consumer organization–a resource for members needing goods and services.
  • A civic organization – our members are actively involved in the community.
  • A cultural organization – supporting members from various cultural heritages.
  • A charitable organization – giving back to our community.

“I have been a dues paying member since 1985. I look forward to interacting with the other members!”
— David Z.

“Organizations can only be as strong as their members!”
— Mark G.

“We have a lot to offer to someone in Business!”
— Mike E.

“When looking for a product or service look to the P&BA directory first for a referral!”
— John P.

“I joined the P&BA in 1998. It’s a wonderful organization!”
— Frank O.

There are great, trustworthy professionals in our association!”
— Mark G.

We are a wide variety of businessman, including professionals, civic leaders, sales people, retailers, and tradesmen. Each with skills and special knowledge in their fields. This includes many years of experience and networking with people in various other businesses.