The P&BA offers business owners and professionals a forum to associate with like-minded individuals interested in networking, community, and heritage.

A prospective member must be engaged in one of the following.

  • The practice of a profession
  • The conduct and operation of a business, as an owner, management, or in a supervisory position
  • Holding a public office

Proposals for active membership must be in writing on a form approved by the Board of Directors, must be signed by the applicant and by one active member, and must be presented to an appropriate committee appointed for that purpose. The committee shall report at the next regular Director’s meeting.

After a proposal for active membership shall have been favorably reported by the committee for investigation, the Chair shall order vote on the same. A majority favorable vote of the members of the Board of Directors present will be necessary for an election to active membership.

Members also have access to discussion groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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