Marcin is a true entrepreneur. He came to this country from Poland in 1963 at the age of 17. He took no vacations for over 7 years and continuously worked 65 to 80 hours per week in order to become an expert in his field. Today, Marcin is the owner of Pol-Tek Industries which produces high-tech machined parts and does custom machining for defense contractors and area manufacturers.

The growth of his business can be measured in terms of its physical plant.  What started out as a 3,000 square foot facility now consists of 19,000 square feet and provides employment for 18 local individuals. Though he owns the company, people still see Marcin wearing an apron and working with the crew. Pol-Tek Industries received the “Small Business Award” from Business First. In 2006 the company was named the Cheektowaga Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year. Marcin was recognized as the “Outstanding Polish American Business Person” by the General Pulaski Association and received the Am-Pol Eagle Citizen of the Year award.

Marcin is very active in the Polish community through his extensive involvement with Corpus Christi Church. He supports the establishment financially and is always working to bring new people to the church. Marcin sees Corpus Christi as a viable place for the Polish Community to congregate.

Marcin became a member of the P&BA in 1995, and in less than two years recruited eight business associates as members, many of whom have also contributed to the growth of this organization. He proudly wears the P&BA blazer and has been seen shopping at the Wegmans supermarket sporting P&BA logo apparel. It is very rare not to see Marcin at a P&BA function. For the past two years he was co-chairman for the Memorial Mass for the deceased members of our association held at Corpus Christi Church.

Marcin is a “great” individual, everyone’s friend, and we are proud to have him as the P&BA’s 49th Man of the Year.